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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> our big story this noon, prince william county police are investigating a day care sold in woodbridge. theresa elaine brown, a teacher at the gutters school is accused of putting a boy. and the owner is accused of not reporting it. we are live in woodbridge for the details. what do we know? >> talking to some parents this
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morning, many say they learned about the alleged incident this morning. we spoke to one father who came back hours after dropping his son off. he said he was picking his son not leaving him here after learning about the alleged incident. thissa elaine brown at woodbridge goddard school is not facing an assault charge after biting a boy. police, ono september 11, brown allegedly at the little boy after he reportedly been another employee. police say the flight left a mark on the child's shoulder. someone who witnessed the incident reported to a manager at the day care but police say the owner failed to reported to child protective services as required by state law. nadianer, 24-year-old choudr choudry, is also now facing
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charges. deirdre kelly is looking for a day care for her son. she visited the school this morning. see.u never know when you looks can be deceiving. learned that the teacher theresa brown may have had other run-ins with the law. we are continuing to follow other developments in that as well. we try to reach up to the school, made phone calls, and both times said no one was available to talk to us. >> thank you. this is just coming into the newsroom from the district. mayor vincent gray return to the without signing the 2013 budget support act which was meant to them and provisions of the budget year.
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he vetoed the budget by the council overrode his veto by a nearly unanimous vote. a property tax for most seniors above 70 and removed some parts of the streetcar system. taking a look outside, sunshine and cooler temperatures are here as we enjoy the last few hours of summer. jacqui jeras has a look at our first forecast including our first call forecast later on tonight. p.m. is when the autumnal equinox arrives. 72 degrees right now. dew point at 45. very dry air but the key today is the wind. and very breezy with a northwesterly breeze. that is drawing in the cooler air. you will notice a difference in the air.
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almost a windchill factor this afternoon. temperatures will be slow to rise, only a couple degrees on top of what we already have. 72 at 6:00. pushing into the 60's tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will feel a real chill in the air. how cold it will be, coming up in a few minutes. developingto the story in charlottesville, the search intensifies this noon for missing university of virginia student hannah graham. police have identified this man, named him as a person of interest, 32-year-old jesse matthew, who is seen on surveillance video with graham before she disappeared. 's mother andham father spoke for the first time about their daughter missing now for more than a week. >> this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> police have focused on this man, jesse matthew, a hospital
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nursing assistant seen in several videos with graham. was believe jesse matthew the last verse and she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> police say matthew was seen with his arms around graham's waste and traveled together between restaurants. they believe that he bought drinks for 18-year-old graham. police say the two got into matthew's car, which they are testing for any clues. walked into charlottesville police headquarters on saturday and asked for a lawyer. leftoke to one and then one hour later without answering any questions. police say he then sped away from the station at a high speed. now they have issued an arrest warrant, charging him with reckless driving. more than 1200 people help
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police search for hannah and for clues. >> somebody knows what happened to hannah. we do not know who it is. >> police say the search of jesse matthew's car was complete and are waiting to hear if any evidence was recovered. we will continue to follow this story on all of our abc seven platforms.,dates on facebook, twitter, and on news channel eight. home, d.c. police need your help searching for a former d.c. treasurer who has gone missing. one has seen him since september 13. he was on taylor street in northeast and they have been driving a gray 2013 explorer. any information on mack is asked
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to call police. secret service tightening security at the white house this afternoon after two incident in as many days. on friday, somebody jumped the fence and made it today entrance at the north portico. another man was arrested after he drove up to the security gate and refused to leave. >> on the same day when security on and around the grounds of the white house is being increased, --t police and metro kris police large center dot pennsylvania avenue feet away from where the security breaches happened. >> the level of security here is huge. in this morning for a suspicious package, a common occurrence downtown. it was cleared. more rare is that two men attempted to get into the white house. nearly did.z anorak war veteran from texas scaled the fence and sprinted to one of the white house doors. he made it past armed guards
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carrying a knife. the man is suffering from ptsd and will be arraigned this afternoon in court. >> that is outrageous and i believe we need more security. it was after that embarrassing incident on friday which triggered an evacuation of much of the presidential mansion . and on saturday a 19-year-old man from new jersey attempted to drive his car through a security barrier here. one of the most closely affected buildings in the world is not only beefing up surveillance on the ground but also discussing the addition of security check once in public areas. >> it is sad to think that things have degenerated to the point that they have. they have to employ all of the security. >> once upon a time, we could drive by the white house.
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>> three afghan military officers in the united states for training are now missing. the men arrived at joint base coin cod -- cape cod september 11 everlasting last night -- they were last seen last night. if you remember, last weekend, we were the first to report two afghan policeman at quantico went missing while on a sightseeing trip to georgetown but they were found safe. a man accused of shooting and killing a teenager allowed is it begins today. michael dunn is accused of killing jordan davis in 2012. the first jury deadlocked over the first-degree murder charge. jurors did convict him of three counts of attempted murder for shooting at the teen and his friends. coming up, find out how a local safeway saved one customer from a major scam.
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and a disappointing loss for the redskins but why the team still has reason to smile. .nd show your natitude how you can get tickets to the upcoming playoff game.
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>> prince george's county police officer is suspended with pay after being arrested and charged with second-degree assault. investigators say michael o'connell was off duty at the
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time of his arrest in baltimore. he was with the department for three years and decide to the bureau of patrol. how7 is learning more about ray rice plans to appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl. sources say he bases the appeal on the grounds that the suspension was based on what he calls an edited video. it shows him punching his fiancée in the face in an atlantic city elevator. they say that the video was whittled down and condensed. >> the punch is as clear as it can be and i'm not sure but we could hear about editing of that that would change the perception of what happened in the elevator. >> rice has apologized for the incident and took part in a pretrial intervention program. goodell alsoroger apologized for his handling of the situation. than 7000ntime, more former fans rated -- waited in
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line to trade-in their jersey on friday. the ravens ran out of replacements so they handed out vouchers which can now be turned in for a different jersey once they come in. the team says the gauge cost them six figures. washington redskins players and fans were all nursing a tough loss to the philadelphia eagles. 7, but there were some bright spots. kurt cousins started in place of griffin and he put up 400 yards offfense and scored three touchdowns. jackson wanted to play well against his own -- old team and played well. to do anything and everything i can to put up a great effort. high all gamere and a brawl broke out after defensive end baker tackled quarterback nick foles. there were a number of injuries on each sides.
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was on therious redskins quarter deangelo hall. we will learn today if he suffered an injury to his achilles tendon. the redskins take on the giants on sunday at fedex. you can now buy tickets for the nationals postseason games, but the tickets are going fast. there is a limit of four tickets per game and they go on a first-come, first-served basis. you cannot buy these tickets at the box office. alert, we canmer sales of the new iphone 6 set a new record. apple sold more than 10 million phones, breaking the previous record set by the iphone 5. that the new iphone has only gone on sale in a handful of countries, it will go on sale in 21 more countries later on this month.
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recognizing toty grocery store employees who kept a customer from being scammed out of $4000. mark woodfield and patricia keller work at a safeway in rockville. they tried to buy a prepaid cash card after that he said it would prevent an irs warrant an arrest. they were aware of similar scams and stepped in. >> i said, do not buy it, it is a scam. they said, thank you. paid thestomer already scammer $3000. anyone who receives a phone call demand in payment to avoid a warrant should get their contact information and then call police. seven is on your side with a health alert to new information from the cdc about the upcoming flu season. officials say you should not wait to get the vaccine.
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they recommend getting it now as it takes two weeks for the vaccine to begin protecting you from the pilot -- virus. the flu season can begin as early as october. wildfires areen burning out of control across the western u.s. the largest fire has scorched 130 seven miles of forest and brush in northern california. crews made progress over the weekend ahead of hotter temperatures and strong winds this week. the king fire east of sacramento has destroyed 10 homes and threaten thousands more. then charged with setting fire pleaded not guilty to arson on friday. here in our area, nice and cool fall temperatures. right on pace with what is coming later tonight. >> the arrival of all. typically you get cooler and drier weather in time for that.
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although we are a little drier than we would like to be, honestly, with a deficit of about two inches for the month of september. the fall equinox begins at 10:29 p.m. tomorrow technically is the first full day of fall. sun is directly over the equator, not quite 12 hours. 12 hours, nine minutes of daylight today. it is a beautiful afternoon. nice and clear. temperatures right now in fairfax, 66. the high is 72. a cold front out to the west. chillier in spots then we were at midnight. almost 70 in manassas. 66 in gaithersburg, but it feels a little cooler than that because of the breeze. the wind coming out of the
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northwest and we have some gusts ranging between 20 and 30 miles per hour. temperatures compared to this time yesterday, anywhere from five to 25 degrees colder. that is quite a difference. you will notice this for a while. the cold front has already pushed off to the east. low pressure lingering toward new england. high pressure building into the nation's midsection. those two are working together to draw in the cooler wind. breezy through sundown tonight. high temperatures today will be slow to warm. only moving up a couple degrees. expect low to mid 70's across the region. 74 degrees in washington, d.c. if you thought it was cool this morning, take a look at the forecast lows tomorrow. 40's possible on the map.
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expecting a low of 52 in d.c.. 46 at dulles airport. sunny [nomostly audio] a small chance of getting some moisture in here. that is about it. otherwise, things look dry, warming up until the weekend. it feels good but we just need some rain. >>
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>> bad news for honey boo-boo. have announced that they are splitting up. the couple never actually officially married but exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony last may. thompson is expected to stay on the show. they will just be filming separately. great news at the box office. easily outunner" distance itself from other movies. it earned $13 million. "a walk among the tombstones" came in second. still
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>> forget the falling leaves. for beer lovers, autumn means one name, oktoberfest. the world's biggest beer festival is now underway. the traditional first keg was tapped over the weekend. there you go, there is some of the video. they are having a good time.
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this is a video of them tapping the first keg. they use a big mallet to do it. they do not play around over there. you do not come between germans and their bare. >> all in it is some full of music. then we are good to go. it is a little chilly for beer. temperatures will not be too bad, in the low 70's, but the breeze makes it feel colder than that. dry this week but warming back up. another shot next weekend. >> it is nice that it joins us on the weekends. it is like you planned it that way.
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[dramatic music] [cheers and applause] >> yeah! yeah! thank you, and welcome to the show. i'm terry crews, and you may know me from ooklyn nine-nine, and i'm also thrilled to be here hosting millionaire. [cheers and applause] every millionaire contestant is unique, but today's first contestant says she's missing something almost every person has. luckily, it has nothing to do with her brain. from lafayette, louisiana, please welcome ashley hollier. [cheers and applause] hi, ashley. >> can i hug you? >> good to see you. oh. come on in.


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